Decisiv drives smart management of trucking services with fleet-focused solutions


Decisiv announced a series of new fleet-focused asset service management solutions integrated with the already-in-service Decisiv SRM platform. New fleet-focused solutions introduced by Decisiv include:

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SRM Discovery Service Priorities Monitor provides real-time asset service status and fleet performance dashboard, Decisiv explained. Based on an analysis framework, Decisiv provides insights into internal and external service operations. This solution provides fleets with a single point of control to better understand the service status of their assets at each service provider. Understanding asset availability and proactively managing service events improves availability, generates additional revenue and reduces costs.

SRM Intelligent Maintenance offers fleets a solution to fully manage their maintenance needs. Fleets will streamline PM and repair processes by using this solution to create service schedules, create inspections, define standard repair operations, submit service requests, and schedule work with external service providers. Its connectivity with OEM-provided SRM platforms provides immediate access to all asset build, warranty, recall and diagnostic information. This new solution automates and clarifies the maintenance process and provides event status visibility for PM update and compliance.

SRM Total Service Management enables fleets performing their own internal maintenance and repair to leverage their OEM-provided integrated service management platform that they currently use to manage external service events. It enables fleets to integrate asset, diagnostics, warranty, recall and telematics information into every service event and automate communication between maintenance and operations personnel. Contextual information streamlines processes, improves shop productivity, reduces downtime and costs, and enables fleets to prioritize and act on critical jobs in progress.

Decisiv SRM is already delivering measurable value to fleets, including a 25% reduction in downtime, a 71% reduction in triage time, and a 90% first-time fix rate, the company noted in a Press release. Fleets using the platform collectively achieve over 32 million hours of reduced downtime annually by saving over 8 hours per service event, translating to over $3 billion in incremental revenue through improving the availability of assets according to the company.


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