With a truck stop full, truckers pull up on the road in relentless Texas weather


A Reddit article showed a long line of tractor-trailers forced into parking on a cold, icy road in Texas.

The state of Texas experienced freezing temperatures, ice storms, snowfall and widespread power outages last week. This combination wreaked havoc on state roads and truck stops.

A driver showed his experience trying to park overnight in appalling weather conditions.

“Keller, TX 0230. Everyone parked on the road because Pilot is full,” u / bpcjd1267 wrote on the r / Truckers subreddit.

Other drivers have spoken of the weather conditions in the comments.

“I am a broker and I have two trucks stranded there since Monday morning. The receiver is not open and there is nothing I can do about it. The stopover costs keep piling up and one of the dispatchers keeps giving me a hard time like I have any control over the weather. This week sucks all around.

“I stayed in a south side of Dallas last night. People parked everywhere, at least one wreck in the parking lot. I had a hard time going out this morning. I drove to my stop in Waco to find the facility is locked down and no one is working, a lot is a patch of ice so no way to access my warehouse. Looks like I’m in Waco for the night. I normally like this southern route.

“This is crazy. Feel bad for all those stuck in this mess and the people without electricity or running water.”

“Texas was never prepared for crazy snow events. Hope you can wait for it. There are only a few days left now.

“Even the reserved seats?!?! It’s crazy!”


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