Tully residents outraged by lorry stop scheme


TULLY, NY (WSYR-TV) — Dozens of concerned Tully neighbors packed the city’s planning board meeting Thursday night to voice their opposition to the proposed Mirabito gas station and truck stop.

The land in question is just off Route 81 in the town of Tully on Route 80 and Lake Road, directly across from Burger King. Residential land that the owner has asked the city to market.

It is also located a few hundred meters from a residential area where Haley and Justin Fedor live with their three children.

“Some residents think it might be more compelling to bring in drug dealers, drug dealers, felons and felons and we’re concerned that it could affect our children,” Justin Fedor said.

With safety a priority, neighbors are also concerned about the environmental impact a truck stop could have on the community.

“Just think of the exhaust fumes from 14 18-wheelers all the time in this little neighborhood as the kids cycle down to Green Lake to the beach. They’re going to drive not only in fear of being hit, but they’re going to drive alongside these trucks and their exhausts,” said Tully Lake Property Owners Association President Colleen Zawadzki.

Justin Fedor added that the gas station would rely on a primary aquaphore which takes nearly 50% of Tully residents’ well water, raising concerns that carcinogenic chemicals found in gasoline such as benzene could end up in the city’s drinking water.

“Every time you fill your gas tank with a drop or two, it will be almost five acres of asphalt driveway… these huge runoffs that will go into the retention ponds, these will then go into our aquifers and our wells” ,

Colleen Zawadzki, worried neighbor

These types of concerns were expressed by neighbors present at the meeting and online through the Tully v Mirabito Truck Stop community. Facebook page and one online petition with more than 800 signatures.

Mirabito provided this statement:

“As a locally owned and operated family business for nearly 95 years, Mirabito is committed to serving the communities and residents in which we operate, whether in our convenience stores or for residential and commercial energy needs. Regarding the Tully Project, we understand and acknowledge the concerns of the community and will do our best throughout the process to answer questions and address any concerns that arise.

The location has access to a major highway and most of the property is already zoned for commercial use, making it an attractive location for a new state-of-the-art store. Mirabito uses the best technologies and practices when it comes to environmental and safety standards and our safety and compliance record reflects this. Additionally, one of the main components of this project would be electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to support New York State’s climate action initiative. Our goal is to build a store that brings new offers and job opportunities to the Tully community. »

Mirabito energy products

The seven-member council ultimately decided not to recommend rezoning citing environmental and safety concerns for nearby neighbors.

The decision was a relief for the residents in attendance, but the fight is not over. The decision now rests with Tully City Council who have the final say. Their next meeting is scheduled for June 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the City’s Municipal Building.


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