Truck traffic resumes 13 days after Assam-Mizoram border clash: the Tribune India


Silchar / Guwahati, August 8

Long lines of trucks from the rest of the country entered Mizoram on Sunday through a disputed border with neighboring Assam, some 13 days after a bloody clash between police forces from the two states.

After assurances of police escorts given on Saturday, truckers in pairs began to leave Dholai near the tense border, where they had parked their trucks, since the violence erupted.

What was just a trickle on Saturday night has turned into a flood of vehicles moving in convoys, guarded by police escorts, carrying essential supplies, including medicine, diesel and cooking gas, to the landlocked Mizoram. , who complained of drug and gasoline shortages.

Truckers had kept their trucks parked and refused to move even after an informal blockade imposed by residents of Assam shortly after the violence began was lifted more than a week ago. They started moving after two Assam ministers convinced them on Saturday that it was safe to cross the border to Mizoram.

Suklabaidya said the movement of commodities from Hailakandi district to Mizoram, which had been affected since the violent confrontation between the two states, also resumed from Sunday.

“Rail transport would begin once the tracks, which were damaged in protests following the July 26 outbreak, are repaired,” he added.

Kolasib SP Vanlalfaka Ralte said more than 50 vehicles entered Mizoram from Saturday evening until Sunday morning. “Traffic between the two states is quite fluid at the moment … However, we are still on high alert because an untoward incident can occur at any time,” said Ralte.

Silchar’s liaison officer at Mizoram House, Kaptluanga, said that before the trucking began, some nine vehicles bound for Mizoram were attacked by criminals in Lailapur on Saturday. Some drivers, however, remained reluctant to cross the border. Rahul Hussain, a stranded driver, said they were willing to enter Mizoram, but demanded written assurances. – PTI


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