Truck stop worker uses forklift to block angry customer’s vehicle

Sean Phillip Ogurek

A Wildwood truck stop worker used a forklift to block a car driven by an angry customer who tried to run over a coworker.

Sean Phillip Ogurek, 55, of Inverness, drove to Travel America Truck Service on State Road 44 on Thursday at 6 a.m. to check for air for the tire on his red 2014 Honda, according to a report by Sumter County Sheriff’s Office arrest. He was not immediately assisted and started tossing chairs around the office. A fight broke out between Ogurek and the employees of the truck department and ended with an order to leave the scene.

He returned about 90 minutes later and parked his car in a truck area. As an employee walked behind Ogurek’s vehicle, he began to back up. He then turned it on and walked forward, hitting one of the workers in the thigh. Ogurek’s vehicle struck an oil barrel and was pinned by an employee on a forklift.

Another employee sustained a laceration to his wrist as he attempted to reach and deactivate Ogurek’s vehicle. CCTV backed up employee accounts of what happened.

Ogurek was arrested for aggravated assault and battery with a fatal weapon and criminal damage to property. He was held in the Sumter County Detention Center on $ 16,000 bond.


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