Truck stop among the new developments to come in Cusseta


CUSSETA, Ga. (WTVM) – Truck drivers traversing a rural part of southwest Georgia will soon be able to stop and rest.

A multi-million dollar investment in Chattahoochee County will include the region’s largest truck stop.

There aren’t many options for truckers when it comes to having a place to park their big trucks and stop to rest between trips.

A Chattahoochee County official told News Leader 9 the investment would have a huge economic impact on the region.

When you take State Route 520 to Cusseta, you will come across several 18-wheelers.

“They go down to southern Georgia and then it’s an intersection that takes them to Florida. So we get a lot of through traffic through the county. »

Although most on the road are truckers, Chattahoochee County Executive Laura Lee Bernstein says there’s no room from Albany to Columbus for them to park.

“We see so many trucks passing here and they had already stopped at some of the smaller stations. And you notice there’s not a lot of room.

But that’s all change when the land along State Route 520 is turned into a truck stop. It will be equipped with 12 regular pumps and seven diesel pumps.

The property once housed the only grocery store in the county. After the owners grew old and closed the store, the building was demolished.

“It’s a 13,000 square foot building. This will have showers, hot food, a lounge area and even a small grocery store for residents.

A second upcoming development in Cusseta will bring a combined Family Dollar and Dollar Tree store, creating 20 new jobs.

“It will be a good advantage. I’m thinking of the people of Cusseta and, you know, and the surrounding area there.

But there is another development the county is also investing in.

“We don’t know all the details yet, but we believe it could be a hotel/motel type situation, as well as potentially another gas station.”

All three developments are expected to be completed by this summer.

Bernstein also says owners of Cusseta’s Gas ‘N Go will open this truck stop. These owners plan to turn the gas station into a liquor store. However, residents will vote on whether they want the liquor store in May.

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