Truck Service Process Benchmarking


When Neil MacLeod of Werner Enterprises, told us behind the scenes how the fleet is leveraging its technology and navigating integrations with OEMs to reduce average downtime to 25 minutes, one particular piece of information stood out during of our conversation. – the ability to compare truck service experiences.

I let MacLeod explain:

“Based on driver feedback, one question we posed was: how can we better leverage the information drivers provide on the road and provide a feedback mechanism for customer experiences and the repairs they can share with their driver counterparts?”

With drivers providing truck service reviews, basically, and Werner Enterprises tracking how long it takes to complete a specific truck repair, they’ll be able to provide their drivers with what amounts to a Yelp for centers truck service.

“As we grow this network of vendors, we can tell our drivers, ‘This is a three- or four-star facility that has average turnaround times for this particular type of X repair. hours, and that’s compared to this other provider in the network that has a two or three star rating from our drivers, and it takes a little longer to complete the repairs.

That wasn’t the only extremely cool use of the technology that MacLeod talked about during our chat. Click below if you need to catch up on the previous story and find out how Werner is reducing downtime for his drivers:


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