This Next Truck Stop Could Be Your Dream Home


Remember that last family road trip where everyone in the car had a case of jimmy legs at the same time? Yes, they went to the bathroom before you left, but now everyone was a 10 on the pee scale and you had no choice but to stop at the dreaded truck stop.

Yeah, you know what I mean.

As your family rushed to the bathrooms, you casually walked in, looked around, and thought, “Hey, that’s not so bad. I saw myself living here.

Well sweetie, as the listing agent says of this week’s home, “DREAMS COME TRUE!”

This house is located at 43721 S Parks Highway, Talkeetna, Alaska. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and is just over 5,100 square feet. Even more appealing is that it sits on over six acres, so if you want to expand your roadhouse – I mean your home – you can. The owners are asking for $325,000.

The truck stop theme of this home extends into the backyard.

There is a nice terrace where you can sit and enjoy all the kitschy bullshit they have while the kids picnic at one of three ‘tables’ which sit on tire rims.

Now the real hero of this column is the listing agent. I think she shot down four or five Red Bulls in true trucker spirit and then wrote the description.

She uses the term “multigenerational family” four times, “business” three times and “homeschool” once.

What jumps out at me, though, is “PAINT IS CHEAP!” SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!! She insisted on telling us to “look at all the pictures.” There are 62 pictures. We don’t listen to someone who jumped on Red Bulls.

alaska, truck, paint

With walls like this, you can simply hang shelves and shelves of your chosen decor.

alaska, truck, paint

The murals are quite beautiful in a creepy and unpleasant way.

Let’s go to the living room.

alaska, truck, paint

Alright, the owners get a pass to the show because the listing agent reminded us that paint is cheap.

I wouldn’t call this room a desperate cry for help but in all honesty I can’t make out what’s written on the floor.

Okay, one more bathroom.

alaska, truck, paint

How to get out of the tub without breaking your noggin on the sloping ceiling? And what would I give to get a better view of that sink.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Maybe the exterior of the property makes it all interesting. The listing agent mentioned that you had a mountain view.

alaska, truck, paint

Of course, you just have to cut down all those trees to be able to see the mountains.

So there you go my people, the next time you and the family are on vacation and you drag the family trucker into a truck stop so everyone can take their bathroom break, think about the possibilities.

For more pictures, go here.


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