The truck service similarity between ADAS and post-processing


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, like advanced cruise control and active lane-keeping assist technologies are helping improve truck safety, but these systems are starting to create service mysteries for drivers. stores as they roll into bays.

these are complex systems that can make seemingly basic repairs like replacing a windshield an expensive and time-consuming service due to the cameras embedded in the glass. While this is an early example of ADAS’ impact on service, the error codes and complications multiply. Some ADAS-related faults can even cause the truck to put the engine into a derate situation. This can lead to driver confusion and costly downtime.

When a truck rolls into the bay, here are some quick ADAS service tips.

Start by running a diagnostic software tool that displays a system view of what is on the vehicle, including key vehicle components.

• Look for frayed wires, corroded connectors or blown fuses.

• And equipment like cameras and speed cameras should be checked to make sure they are not obstructed by things like road debris, snow and ice.

I will start discussing all of this with our technicians so that they are ready when the truck arrives.

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