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Have you ever wondered where and how autonomous vehicles will be serviced? We now have some sort of answer.

Pilot Company, North America’s largest operator of trucking hubs, has confirmed a “strategic agreement” with a California-based autonomous trucking company Kodiak Robotics collaborate in the development of facilities for aself-driving truck services.

These self-contained “truckports” will be located at the Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers.

The first truckport is underway built in a pilot center near Atlanta, Georgia, where companies will decide on the services required for self-driving trucks and study scalable solutions.

Facilities that may be offered include spaces to pick up and drop off loads from self-driving trucks, areas to perform inspections, the ability to service and refuel trucks, and the ability to transfer data for processing, such as mapping. Kodiak’s expertise in the field will play a key role in defining the services actually offered.

As part of the deal, Pilot has also made a strategic investment in Kodiak and will join the company’s board of directors.

“In making this strategic investment, we understand that our customers need real solutions that help meet the growing demand for freight transportation and Kodiak is a strong leader in the field of autonomous trucking,” said John Tully, vice-president President of Strategy and Business. development at Pilot Company.

“As we explore the future of self-driving trucks and how we can better support these customers, we will continue to be the network of travel centers that the trucking industry and professional drivers can rely on for service and care. that they need.”

It is also hoped that the availability of such an extensive network can play a major role in helping to accelerate the deployment of self-driving trucks.

“Pilot Company’s industry-leading network of freeway-adjacent travel centers provides unprecedented geographic reach for the launch and scale of Kodiak’s rapidly growing network of autonomous trucking lanes,” said Don Burnette, founder and CEO of Kodiak.

Kodiak has experienced a period of rapid growth over the past four years. The company has been delivering freight commercially since 2019 and currently operates six routes between Dallas and a host of southern cities.

In July, the company announced a partnership with carrier fleet service US Xpress to launch an autonomous freight service between Dallas and Atlanta and the same month there expanded its operations in Florida under an agreement with 10 Roads Express, a US Postal Service carrier.

Pilot has also sought to expand its offering and in July confirmed an agreement with General Motors to help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by installing 2,000 DC fast-charging stations in 500 locations.


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