The company registers 850,000 truck movements in one year


Co-founder and Managing Director of Truck Transit Park Limited, Mr. Jama Onwubuariri said that in one year and three months, the platform was able to move 850,000 trucks from one place to another.

Onwubuariri, who recently revealed this in a chat with our correspondent in Lagos, said that in the past people only moved their trucks when they parted with huge sums of money, noting that the situation had now changed.

“In the past 1 year and 3 months, we have only been able to do 150,000 trucks short of 1,000,000 in terms of actual truck movement. In the past, you had to either know someone or be willing to part with a ridiculously large amount of money to have your trucks moved from one location to ports, warehouses and other controlled locations at Apapa,” he said. said.

Truck Transit Parks Limited is a traffic management system that leverages technology and human management systems to alleviate traffic problems. They provide a cost effective, physical and technologically secure network of truck parking services in Nigeria.

Speaking further, he said the TTP reduced the cost to as little as N5,300 depending on the location.

“However, we have reduced this cost to between N150,000 / N250,000 to between N10,000 and in some cases even N5,300, depending on where you are from, the particular business you are going to do and the process or modus operandi standards that have been put in place. All this clearly shows that the traffic management system we have put in place is not limited to ticketing fees. Imagine the difference between paying 250,000 and paying 25,000 to 30,000.”

The TTP boss also said people in charge of traffic management and enforcement should be people of integrity.

“One thing we have emphasized to our core partners is that an extortion-free environment is a sine qua non for the success of the appeal system. Individuals and officers who are deployed to perform traffic management and enforcement duties must be persons of integrity and knowledgeable about acceptable conduct. Some of these people insist on extorting and unnecessarily delaying drivers, which leads to a build-up of traffic along the roads.

According to him, “We have, for example, suggested that there should be a law enforcement manifesto as well as a digital map of approved checkpoints made available on the ETO call system. In fact, we have a feature on the call system that can be used to achieve this. In addition to this, there should be proper identification of officers deployed at these approved checkpoints so that you can easily identify who is involved in reported incidents, which can be verified with the publicly available digital manifest,” said he declared.


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