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Calcutta: Almost three months after a 250-meter stretch of Strand Road North was closed for demolition work on the Posta Bridge, Calcutta traffic police temporarily reopened the entire stretch on Monday. This meant that vehicles – including road buses – took the stretch between the Mirbarai Ghat Street junction and the KK Tagore Street junction on Strand Road for the first time since June earlier this year. Even loaded pedal vans were allowed to return and were instructed to stay in the far left lane.
However, trucks – the backbone of the region – will not yet be allowed on this particular stretch. The KMDA and KMC are likely to inspect the road restored by the KMC and submit a final report, after which the KMDA will officially hand the road over to the Kolkata police. “We will then decide to allow trucks. Until then, we allow private vehicles and buses,” said a traffic guard officer from Howrah Bridge.
KMC engineers said nearly 90 percent of the restoration work – including the placement of street lights – is now complete. “A few street lights will be installed as soon as possible. The road surface works are only left in a few places. We are trying to complete all of the work in the next few days. Since the rains have played a role. crucial, we were able to prepare the road vehicle in record time, ”said an official. Cops said they were “literally forced” to ask top officials for the green light to allow restricted movement of vehicles. “With Ganesh Puja this week heralding the start of the holiday season, Burrabazar is witnessing a huge increase in attendance and business. MG Road was no longer able to take all the extra pressure,” an officer from Lalbazar said. .
Earlier, Kolkata traffic police officers met with both the agency officials appointed by the KMDA and the officials of the KMC roads department in the past two days and the agencies even inspected jointly the Strand Road. Cops had provided evidence as to why this stretch became uneven – some places where equipment was installed during demolition work were the most affected – and deep craters occurred due to the rains. Traffic officers estimated that running loaded trucks on such a stretch would cause accidents and frequent axle rod failures. Cops also pointed out that at least 20 odd-numbered streetlights – which were previously in working order – were uprooted for work along with several CCTV cameras attached to these posts.
The KMC said it has worked on all of these aspects. “The road has been leveled and the average speed is higher than normal days because the movement of trucks does not take place,” said a KMC official. Police said they would also finish installing CCTV cameras by the end of this week.
Such was the pressure that the Kolkata traffic police asked KMC to complete the leveling work and allow vehicles to circulate. “We have proposed that they finish the land laying work at night when we divert the vehicles for them,” said an officer. Police said it would take half a day to reset the traffic light system on the street after KMDA officially handed over the stretch of road to them.

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