Spill Content @ Love Truck Stop – Latest Update


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Update of 06/03/2022

Late Thursday afternoon (June 2), the E3 Emergency Response Group arrived. The Magee Fire Department has been released. The firefighters had stabilized everything and the E3 group was going to unload the product on another tank truck and then clean up. At 7:41 p.m., the scene was declared under control and returned to Loves. (Fire Marshal Charlie Valadie)

DEQ arrived Thursday afternoon to attend to the spill at Love Truck Stop. Cleaning will be done by DEQ. (As I get more information I will report)

Around noon on Thursday, June 2, 2022, Love Truck Stop reported a toxic substance leak. Magee Fire Department, Magee Police Department and Simpson County Emergency Manager John Kilpatrick reported the spill.

Love Truck Stop was closed for hours, due to the toxicity of the substance. All staff have been instructed not to inhale the substance or get on clothing.

Fire Marshal Charlie Valadie reported that 45,000 pounds of hazardous materials were on the truck. “The truck was pulled forward under the fuel canopy due to the forecast rain, which will greatly amplify the issues,” Valadie said. Valadie also explained that the evacuation was necessary for the areas of the company and its surroundings because of the toxic gases.

The main rear valve has problems with two seals. The inner seal has failed. The outdoor valve is faulty.

Jackson’s Hazard team are expected to arrive shortly to help resolve the issue.

As additional information is received, we will report.

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