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The roadhouse will have a scale; three shops already planned for the center

LYNDEN – Planning is underway for new projects west of Lynden, and planning documents reveal what is planned for these sites.

John Heystek is the applicant for the project called Westgate Commercial Building, located at 2059 W. Main St.

According to the Design Review Project Request, it is a steel structure with dark bronze aluminum storefronts, described as an office, warehouse, retail, and light manufacturing space.

“It’s a commercial building, of course,” Heystek said. He will therefore manage three businesses from the start, then there will also be space to rent for more tenants. “

These three companies are Northwest Electric, owned by Heystek, K&S Woodworks and Kyle Lodder, CPA.

Heystek said the clearance process has been long and difficult, but he is excited about what will become of the project.

“It’s a beautiful building,” Heystek said. “It’s just 24,000 square feet. It is a white metal building with dark bronze fittings. All windows, awning and storefronts will be dark bronze. These are all storefronts on the main street side and then on the south side are large overhead doors that lead to all the store spaces.

Heystek said he planned to start the Westgate commercial building project two months ago, but their plans have experienced several delays.

“We will definitely start the first week of December, but we hope before that,” Heystek said. “Over the next three weeks I would say we would be innovating. It has been a long road. With the times we live in you never know how risky it is, but so far we’ve received a lot of support on this. “

The other will be a Shell station located at 8391 Guide Meridian Rd. In what will be known as Westgate Plaza.

The parcel, totaling approximately 5.63 acres, will house a convenience store, gas station, weighbridge and parking lot, as well as the necessary underground fuel tanks.

All of this is planned for phase 1 of development.

It’s a mini roadhouse, ”said plot owner Lakhwinder Singh Malhi. “It won’t be too big. A small operation.

He said the nearest scale is at the Pilot refueling station in Ferndale, and that will give truckers the option of weighing their trucks before heading north across the border from Lynden.

Phase 2 will bring two pads to reserve on the east side of the site for a traditional fast food restaurant (totaling approximately 3,500 square feet) and the other is being considered for a dual drive-through coffee shop.

The third phase would concern the western half of the site and could include mixed-use speculative businesses, offices or professional spaces, although there are no immediate plans to develop this part, according to documents from the city of Lynden.


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