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Although I have absolutely no connection to The Truck Stop, I’ve made several stops at the food truck park because ultimately I want to see it succeed, which could potentially lead one into more other areas of the city. During my last visit there, I discovered SmokeHouse ICT. This is a mobile trailer that has been around for a few years, and the one I first visited last year.

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SmokeHouse ICT offers traditional Central Texas style barbecue meats with homemade sides.

I had their “three balls” which was a platter of 3 pulled pork, smoked sausage and smoked sausage links. My accompaniment was a homemade pastry. I’ve had it before, and the baked mac is one of my favorite sides of any truck. It had a strong smoky flavor followed by tons of cheese.

Of all the meats, my favorite that day was the smoked sausage link, which had a bigger heat stroke than I remembered. I didn’t even bother to accompany the barbecue, because that was good on its own. The same goes for pulled pork and brisket; it was simply delicious, tender barbecue that was great on the go.

SmokeHouse ICT

I remember finding them in a business office, so it was cool to see them in a food truck park so a wider audience could experience what they had to offer. The guys working in the truck are great additions to our food truck scene.

Here is the menu:

SmokeHouse ICT

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