New Jersey truck stop closed due to ‘rotten egg’ stench reopens


New Jersey officials have given the go-ahead to reopen a TA Travel Center site that was closed for a week due to an incident involving a tanker truck.

The TA truck stop in Paulsboro, New Jersey, reopened at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, August 17, according to Gloucester County Emergency Management (GCEM).

The truck stop has been closed since Aug. 11, when a tanker truck from the store loaded with 7,000 gallons of Lubizol began emitting a foul, pervasive odor that prompted hundreds of 911 calls from residents. in distress and even people from neighboring counties.

GCEM later said the tanker’s emissions appeared to come from the breakdown of a fuel additive in the tanker, which produced hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.

On Wednesday evening, the GCEM said the tanker had been moved to “a demarcated area in a remote corner of the lot with additional measures put in place to ensure public safety until fully removed”.

Officials say “the chemical reaction that took place in the container would have completely ceased, leaving the remaining contents completely solidified inside.”

“Environmental mitigation teams have dismantled the majority of their equipment and loaded all hazardous waste recovered from their processes into a new vessel for proper disposal. Environmental and air monitoring teams remain on site and fully monitor the truck and surrounding area until it departs. Appropriate regulatory permits with approvals for road travel and acceptance into a verified hazardous waste disposal facility are ongoing at this time. All parties involved in this incident continue to work as diligently and expeditiously as possible to bring this vessel to its final resting place,” the GCEM said.


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