Mercedes-Benz Türk offers new advantages in truck maintenance services

mercedes benz turk offers new advantages in truck service

While meeting the expectations of its customers during and after sales, Mercedes-Benz Turk offers the best services for their needs; at the same time, it continues to expand its range of services and its diversity. While Mercedes-Benz Türk offers its customers services that guarantee superior performance and quality, as well as services at reasonable prices; Special campaigns continue without interruption.

Mercedes-Benz brand truck owners receive spare parts vouchers and service kit freebies that they can use on the next service visit, based on how much they spend in service shops. Mercedes-Benz authorized service bodywork and paint. This campaign, which concerns all Mercedes-Benz trucks, varies according to the quantity of spare parts that will be manufactured in the body & paint shops.

Mercedes-Benz Turk supports truck owners with the support it provides for towing costs

In cases where Mercedes-Benz trucks have an accident and need to be towed to the authorized service, Mercedes-Benz Türk bears the costs of towing the vehicle. Owners of Mercedes-Benz brand trucks can benefit from this benefit regardless of where they have had an accident in Turkey.

Detailed information can be obtained from Mercedes-Benz Authorized Services to find out the conditions for benefiting from the advantage offered by Mercedes-Benz Türk.

Special offer for vehicles with expired warranty

Mercedes-Benz Turk is continuing its maintenance campaign, which it has presented in the past, in line with strong customer demand, until the end of October. Axor and Actros users with OM457 and OM501 engines can benefit from this campaign, which is prepared for older vehicles in the parking lot. With this campaign, where original spare parts and authorized service experience are offered at affordable prices, 5 filter and engine oil changes can be done at authorized services for 2,750 TL, labor. work and VAT included.


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