Love’s kills plan for Montana truck stop after outcry from residents


Love’s Travel Stops announced this week that the company will not proceed with plans to build a truck stop near Ramsay, Montana, after years of fierce resistance from a group of residents.

On Monday, Love’s released a statement about the proposed truck stop along I-90 near Ramsay, a small community of about 40 homes.

“For business reasons, we will not be pursuing any further stopovers at Ramsay at this time and will focus on other projects that support our plans,” the company said. “We consider where we choose to locate our Love’s travel stops. Professional truckers have identified the location along Interstate 90 as an underserved part of Montana for safe, clean, and well-maintained places to stop when delivering essential goods.

Love’s announced plans to build a truck stop in the Ramsay area in early 2017. Since then, the Ramsay community has fought back, saying a truck stop would lead to crime, pollution, increased traffic and noise in the city. In July 2022, Love’s received zoning approval to build the truck stop, leading residents to appeal council approval in Butte District Court. The call was still ongoing when Love’s announced that they would not be moving forward with Ramsay’s roadhouse.

The store Love’s planned to build would have had 111 truck parking spaces, as well as an Arby’s restaurant and tire store, according to the Independent-Record.

“Love’s recognizes that some Ramsay citizens and leaders have opposed the establishment of a travel stop in the area,” Love’s said. “A fundamental tenet of our company values ​​is that our locations maintain strong ties to all the communities we serve through local employment growth, career development, positive economic impacts and philanthropic support.”

In the video below, residents of Ramsay react to Love’s decision to unplug the truck stop.


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