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Proposed for consideration by City Council on April 4 is a truck stop/convenience store, QuikTrip, to be built on West Market Street. This project was reviewed by the Bloomington Planning Commission on March 2.

Three truck service stations are already nearby, plus another (Loves) coming soon to North Normal. This proposed development is adjacent to an established unincorporated family neighborhood of 13,000 residents – Bloomington Heights. I urge you to consider who would provide police protection? City? County?

This project would be a pole of attraction for the increase in drug trafficking, prostitution and human trafficking.

This neighborhood would face 24/7 increased noise pollution – night truckers leave engines on all night.

Neighborhood safety compromised with increased passing visitors and truck traffic.

Expect a documented decrease in neighborhood property values ​​with increased heavy truck use of the roads.

Expect further increased flooding of residential properties with the causeway replacing farmland.

The city sewer is promised for the project while Bloomington Heights will not be connected to it.

The responsibilities clearly outweigh the benefits to our community.


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