Hellam Township residents express outrage over planned truck stop


At a Hellam Township board meeting on Thursday, residents raised concerns about a Love’s proposed truck stop off Highway 30.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. – “It’s pretty important to us, and it looks like you really don’t care,” said Michael Bray, a resident of York County’s Hellam Township.

Residents like Bray and his wife Brandi are unhappy with a proposed truck stop in their neighborhood.

“I don’t need trucks coming in with hand brakes on at all hours of the day and night to drive off our property,” Brandi Bray said.

The Brays have lived in Hellam Township for years, their home being near Kreutz Creek.

“We all know when it was flooded three years ago, right?” Brandi Bray asked. “We still haven’t solved this problem, have we? »

Love’s Travel Stops is proposing to construct a truck stop on 35 acres of land just off Highway 30 in Hellam Township. The Brays fear this will only make the current flooding problem worse.

“We work with Pa. DEP [Department of Environmental Protection]we are working with the township engineer to model and map all of our plans to mitigate this flooding issue,” said Chad Bruner, a representative for Love.

Other residents shared other concerns at a township council meeting on Thursday.

“You’ve got 50 diesel trucks there, half of what’s on offer idling, how loud is that going to make?” asked one participant. “…It’s just going to produce an echo?”

The Hellam Township Board of Directors did not vote to approve the truck stop, and Love’s also still has some action to take. Officials say the company will need to submit an application to the local zoning board before moving forward

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