Groups demand regulation on movement of block trucks


TURA, November 2: Following the deaths of three people from the Purakhasia region after being run over by trucks carrying rocks to neighboring Bangladesh via the international border from Dalu recently, the Khasi Jaintia Garo People’s Federation (FKJGP ) of Garo Hills on Tuesday urged the West Garo Hills Police Department to take action to regulate the entry and exit of block trucks along the Dalu-Purakhasia Highway.
Separate incidents of road accidents involving the block trucks recently killed three people in the area, including a five-year-old student. The latest incident took place on October 25 in which an identified woman with mental health problems died after both her legs were crushed by a high-speed vehicle.
In its appeal to the West Garo Hills Police Superintendent, the FKJGP requested that the speed limit of these vehicles traveling along the SH-12 road be limited to a maximum of 50 km / h. The federation also suggested that appropriate monitoring of drivers be carried out at the entry-exit point of the SH-12, that is, at the Garobadha police station and the Dalu police station for the consumption of intoxicants. In addition, the federation also demanded that restrictions be placed on the entry and exit of trucks from Garobadha and Dalu so that the time of their circulation does not coincide with school and college hours. “Our approach is not to disrupt economic activity. However, we also believe that economic growth cannot trump the right to life, ”said FKJGP President Pritam Arengh.


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