Get to the Root of Trucking Services Root Cause Analysis


Getting to the heart of a truck service issue as quickly and accurately as possible is critical to reducing fleet downtime and increasing truck shop throughput, but it’s easier said than done. to do. We’ve all had this feedback and it’s never a pretty sight. So let’s think back to the last episode where we talked about remote diagnostics and focus on the fault codes that are reported.

Certainly, there is a lot of data that comes to you on a daily basis. So start with the pain points of your service problem. Are your tire costs higher this year than last? Are you going through too many brake pads? Will you lose your mind if another truck with an aftertreatment problem comes to your shop? By narrowing your scope, you’ll be able to isolate the data points you want to tie into your service management platform.

The data points you consider should relate to the service problem you hope to solve, but expect that there will still be unknowns when you first encounter the information. Today’s analysis systems are evolving to the point where they can correlate driving behaviors such as braking habits with brake pad usage or other service issues.

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