Forsyth County approves controversial truck stop near Tobaccoville | Local News


The county planning board rejected it and the village of Tobaccoville opposed it, but on Thursday the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners approved a rezoning that will allow a Love travel stop to rise on a site 20 acres on Shore Road, just south of US 52. at the Westinghouse Road exit.

The county council vote was 5–2 in favor of rezoning, with commissioners Tonya McDaniel and Don Martin casting the only votes in opposition.

The public hearing before the vote pitted those who viewed the truck stop as a positive for economic development against others who feared that traffic, crime, pollution and noise would disrupt nearby residential neighborhoods.

Opponents also pointed out that rezoning a truck stop goes against the recommendations of the Tobaccoville Area Plan, which calls for the entire area around the planned truck stop, consisting of approximately 265 acres, to be set aside for a business park designed holistically instead of being developed piecemeal.

William Gleeson, speaking on behalf of the company known in full as Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, told county commissioners a truck stop could help spur the kind of business development the regional plan calls for.

“We have several examples where Love is the start of an industrial area,” Gleeson said, adding that when a truck picks up a load in a business park, the driver must weigh their rig to determine if it is legal and calculate the fuel. He will need. Trucks need space to stage themselves while they wait for the right time for a pickup, he said. Trucks can park overnight in a secure area.


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