Expanded gas station won’t function as truck stop, Buffalo Grove officials say


An expanded Speedway gas station in Buffalo Grove can be considered a truck stop under state law, but village officials assured the public on Monday that the facility would not operate as such.

Officials said the expanded station to 201 N. Milwaukee Ave. washing machines and a sit-down restaurant.

“It’s just a title that they use so that we can have other amenities at this gas station,” said village administrator Joanne Johnson.

The expansion approved by directors Monday will combine the existing 2-acre resort property with the neighboring 1.5-acre site at 251 N. Milwaukee Ave. A two-story office building on this property will be demolished.

“We are removing an unsightly building from Milwaukee Avenue,” Johnson said. “We are demolishing an old gas station and replacing it with a larger gas station.”

Deputy director of community development Nicole Woods told village council the renovated station will include a new auto fuel canopy, commercial fueling lanes and a convenience store.

“There won’t be the typical features of a truck stop that you see along the freeway,” Woods said.

In addition to improving the appearance of the area, the project is expected to generate additional fuel tax revenue for the village, officials said.


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