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Tredroc Tire Services has joined companies looking to locate near the future Houbolt Road Bridge for the trucking business it will bring.

The Joliet Zoning Appeal Board last week recommended approvals for Tredroc and two truck stops planning to locate near the point where the bridge will connect to Hollywood Road. The truck route will lead to the Houbolt Road interchange with Interstate 80.

Three tire stores are planning to open or have already moved to the area. Three truck stops are being planned.

Wentworth Tire Service recently moved its Rockdale facility to a Terry Drive location not far from where Tredroc plans to open.

Tredroc, which provides tire services to commercial truckers in six states and has a location in Romeoville, purchases a building at 2404 Reeves Road in what is known as Crown Trygg Industrial Park.

“It was a pre-existing mechanical installation,” Tredroc’s Gil Applegate told the zoning board on April 21. “We’re using it to expand the company’s footprint to create a service facility for truck traffic coming into the area.”

The Crown Trygg Industrial Park is off Route 6, east of the future junction with the Houbolt Road Bridge, but nearby.

Route 6 is already a truck route with several industries and trucking operations along the stretch of freeway running west through Joliet to Interstate 55.

But the Houbolt Road Toll Bridge was designed to provide a connection to the CenterPoint Intermodal Center across the Des Plaines River. The bridge will open the area to trucks traveling to and from intermodal stations at the CenterPoint Intermodal Center as they head toward Interstates 80 and 55.

Hollywood Road is widened to accommodate the additional traffic. The Houbolt Road interchange is being converted to a divergent diamond interchange to facilitate traffic flow.

Cassidy Tire also plans to open a service shop in a development on Route 6 and Hollywood Road where the bridge will land north of the river. A truck stop is also planned at the same southeast corner of the intersection.

The opening of the bridge is scheduled for early 2023.

On April 21, the zoning board also recommended approval of a special use permit for a Food N fuel planned for the northwest corner of Route 6 and Hollywood Road.

Another developer received recommended approval for an extended special use permit after lining up QuikTrip, an Oklahoma-based chain of fuel centers, for a truck stop at the intersection of Hollywood and Mound Roads.

The city council will have the final vote on the recommendations of the zoning board.


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