Allow the movement of trucks 24/7 to the ports of Maha, Karnataka to accelerate the pace of sugar exports: AISTA

As maximum exportable sugar quantities are withdrawn from Maharashtra and Karnataka, putting pressure on logistics, the trade body AISTA on Thursday asked the respective state governments to allow the movement of trucks 24/7. to increase the pace of exports. The sugar factories have signed export agreements for the shipment of 40 lakh tons during the October-December period of the current 2021-22 season, of which 16.80 lakh tons have been shipped. The remaining 4.70 lakh tonnes have yet to be exported, the Sugar Trade Association of India (AISTA) said in a statement.

“Most of the sugar destined for export is extracted from the sugar factories of Maharashtra and Karnataka. This has put considerable pressure on the logistics of the states,” AISTA said.

In addition, the movement of trucks to the ports of JSW Raigarh and Angre is allowed from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm only, which “hinders the movement of sugar shipments” to these ports, he said.

“It is demanded that the governments of Maharashtra and Karnataka allow the movement of trucks 24/7 to increase the pace of sugar exports,” he added.

AISTA also said the Amba Ghat road, which is the shortest distance to reach Angre and JSW ports, is closed due to landslides during the monsoon.

The governments of Maharashtra and Karnataka could be urged to speed up road repair works and complete them within a specified time frame, he added.

The trade body also asked the Ministry of Railways to work on rail connectivity from the Kolhapur region to the ports of Jaigarh and Angre for smooth flow of sugar shipments to these ports.

Regarding other export deals, AISTA President Praful Vithlani said the world sugar market is currently in correction mode, but prices are still going down and not. comfortable for Indian factories to enter into agreements to export fresh sugar.

“Global sugar prices have broken the 200-day moving average below 18.60 cents per pound and are trading at 18.30 cents per pound,” he said.

New export deals can take place if world rates exceed 19.25 cents a pound at the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT), he added.

Total sugar production in India, the world’s second-largest sweetener producer, reached 115.55 lakh tonnes during the October-December period of the 2021-22 season.

The rush operation is still ongoing in the sugarcane producing states.


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