500,000 square feet of storage and truck stop space proposed in South Thurston County


By Rolf Boone / The Olympian

Two warehouses and a truck stop have been proposed in the Rochester area of ​​southern Thurston County, the county announced late last week.

The larger of the two buildings, a 350,823 square foot warehouse, was proposed at 6292 196th Ave. SW to Rochester, part of the Grand Mound Urban Growth Area.

The building is described as a warehouse and distribution center/logistics center that would occupy just over 19 acres on land that is zoned in the planned industrial park district, according to county information.

This project is also proposed to have a reservoir that would hold 564,000 gallons of water “to assist with the jurisdictional water supply needed for fire suppression,” county information says.

The smaller of the two warehouses is a proposed 196,750 square foot warehouse and distribution center at 19225 Elderberry St. SW in Rochester. It is expected to feature 34 loading docks, 5,000 square feet of office space and is to be built on an undeveloped 10.14-acre parcel also zoned as an industrial park zone.

Not only warehouses were offered, but also a truck stop. A US Market & Truck Stop has been installed at 19415 Ivan St. SW in Rochester.

It is proposed to have fuel pumps, a 12,000 square foot retail/convenience store with an attached restaurant and an espresso shack with drive-thru. The 9 acre parcel is undeveloped and has the same zoning as the warehouses.

All three proposals have a public comment period that ends at 4 p.m. on June 14.

For comment or for more information, contact Associate Planner Rich Felsing at [email protected]


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