24-hour truck stop plans on the M26 at Wrotham Heath have been turned down


Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council turned down plans for a new 24-hour truck stop. The proposals, which were submitted by Moto, sought planning permission for the development which would have had 200 HGV parking spaces and a new roundabout.

The site is located on the A20 at Wrotham Heath, just off Junction 2a of the M26. Although Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council cannot decide what is submitted by organizations such as Moto, it has a legal duty to assess the merits of the application under the Town Planning Act. territory.

The borough council rendered its decision on Tuesday (April 5) and provided an opinion in response to the request. The council considered that the proposal would ‘constitute an inappropriate development’ and that it would ‘detrimentally erode the rural character and appearance of the area’.

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The notice of decision also explains how the development would “cause damage to protected species” while expressing concern for neighboring properties due to vehicle headlights overflowing. Under section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the applicant now has the right to appeal against the decision to the Secretary of State.

Preliminary plans were submitted on October 4, 2021, with the planning proposal indicating that it was a request for “the construction of a 24-hour secure truck stop for up to 200 heavy goods vehicles”. This included a service station, a pleasure building up to 1100 m², new access to the A20 via a roundabout, landscaping and other associated works.

The application, which included land forming part of Wrotham Water Farm, was received by council on November 4, before being validated on November 8. The drawing of the proposed plans shows 195 spaces in the truck park which will be on one side. of development.

The other side was also planned to be a six-lane forecourt for heavy goods vehicles refueling, as well as an amenity building for trucks. The existing watercourse would have remained in place, and the site would also have featured three balancing pods.

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